Apple Silently Eyes Launch Of Its MacBook Pro With A Touch Screen In 2025

The touch screen feature may soon be making its way to Apple’s laptops.

The tech giant has recently been reported by Bloomberg as working on the revolutionary technology. If you know Apple’s past history, this is definitely major news as the company feels touch screens and laptops are definitely a delicate subject to comment upon.

In the year 2010, the Cupertino firm’s founder Steve Jobs boldly declared how he and his team were not keen on adding the technology to their Macs as they felt it was another name given to trouble. The exact words by Jobs were ergonomically terrible.

As mentioned in the year 2012, Apple’s next-in-line successor was also seen mocking Microsoft for even thinking about the venture. Cook stated that Microsoft going about combining tablets and laptops is similar to fusing together toasters and refrigerators.

It’s definitely one surprising form of opinion that we’re watching Apple revert in a backward direction with plans to add touchscreens to the likes of its MacBook Pro laptops as per a recently published report by Bloomberg.

These are devices that could soon be launched in 2025 as a part of one major update to the MacBook Pro. The news was talked about by those familiar with the matter. Meanwhile, the firm is also making plans to alter from a liquid type of crystal display to LED technology. This could really up Apple’s game and add better contrast ratios to the likes of images as per CNET.

Apple’s reversal might have something to do with the fact that the number of competitors keeps growing and that’s why we’re seeing the likes of Microsoft and Dell and even Lenovo take center stage and sell hundreds of such devices using touchscreen technology.

So many of these products come equipped with 360-degree hinges that sit between the intersection of both laptops as well as tablets. This is in great opposition to just using the classic technology that most of us are accustomed to over the years.

While the leading iPhone maker has really worried for a while now that touchscreen devices could soon be ruling the world and overtaking its iPad sales, what we’ve seen occur over the years is bringing in more funds as per Bloomberg. Hence, it does make sense that the tech giant is finally jumping on the bandwagon and taking on this trend with open arms.

The company is yet to respond to such comments publicly.

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