Good News For Android App Developers As Google’s Play Store Can Differentiate Real Users From Bots

There is plenty of good news for Android users and developers as Google’s Play Store will now be able to differentiate real users from Bots.

As you may already be aware, the Play Store is at the heart of every single Android phone out there today. And we do agree it’s great in terms of customer service but app developers on the platform continue to have access to one versatile dashboard. The whole idea is to conduct micromanaging for various apps at their absolute best.

Google has for a while now searched for ways to better security and privacy but now, it’s really introducing something new and great in the form of a feature that differentiates users from bots. And with the number of bots increasing as we speak, it makes sense as to where this all is coming from.

The announcement was made at last year’s Google I/O where the Play Integrity API was highlighted for developers across the board. One major announcement was this new feature that prevents damaging traffic from entering and provides a warning about devices that are compromised.

Google has been pegging for a while now about how this is the new replacement for another one of its non-running features called Safety Net. The news appears to be promising and allows developers the chance to figure out real from fake with ease. This particular API will now rely on the likes of the users’ own Play Store activity. It’s designed to be put into one of six categories under a particular field, as per Mishaal Rahman.

And with this new identification system comes some great tools that continue to be installed across the board by users of all kinds, depending on the traffic out there tonight from sources that aren’t too genuine like bot farms.

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