Elon Musk’s Twitter Has Dozens Of Accounts And Hundreds Of Tweets Selling Child Abuse Material, Proves New Review

A new and shocking review by NBC News on Elon Musk’s Twitter app has left the tech world stunned.

Twitter accounts are offering to trade and even sell content that’s explicit and has to do with child sexual abuse. This material is under a very thin veil that’s covered by hashtags and terms that continue to surface online for a few months now. This is despite CEO Elon Musk claiming he would be the one to combat the child exploitation seen on the app.

Musk referred to the objective as his number one priority when he set out a tweet on November 20. Moreover, he was seen criticizing the app’s leadership for not doing enough to address the important matter and he did vow to change things, when and if he got the chance to do so.

Ever since this declaration took place, dozens of accounts have arisen that post hundred of tweets as a whole using words, hashtags, and even abbreviations that indicate sales of what the firm calls exploitation material, as per a single day’s tweets. These are certainly some clear signs for those that are well aware of the news.

So many experts and different law enforcement firms are working hard to combat the matter and spread such material but it continues to be a major issue today. Moreover, such tweets get reviewed by the likes of NBC News which offers to sell or even have content traded off.

This is usually known as child porn or CSAM and if Twitter does claim to be doing something to solve the matter, well, it needs to work harder, that’s for sure because such tweets and plenty of accounts have been up for a few months now. They’re predating Elon Musk’s mega takeover and even on Friday morning, they’re been live and in action.

So many tweets were getting reviewed by the likes of NBC News over a few weeks and these happened to be published when Elon Musk was working. Some of the app’s users started to tweet and mention how such explicit posts often appeared at a time when you wish to delete such tweets after a short while, right after it’s posted. This would avoid detection and it later posted some similar offers from such accounts.

Those accounts that were offering CSAM claim older accounts were shut down by the app but still, it was quite simple to have it created again.

As per Twitter’s new rules that had been published in 2020, the app boldly declared that it had zero tolerance for such content that featured or promoted the likes of child sexual exploitation. Moreover, they were even seen calling it out as the most offensive violation of their rules laid out for users. This entails media, text, illustrations, and even images produced by a computer.
In one particular email that had been sent out to NBC News after such an article had been published, we saw the company’s VP for trust and safety go on and on about how the platform is well aware of the great amount of work required to solve the crisis. But she also acknowledged how hard the firm was working to better things.

Since then, we’ve seen NBC News set out more details on the investigation for the form so it could provide a follow-up for the picture and allow content to be nailed down.

For now, it’s just a very cloudy picture in terms of how many people remain at the Twitter app to address the matter as Musk did enact a few rounds comprising of layoffs while issuing ultimatums that could lead to a line of resignations.

H/T: NBCnews

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