78% Of Small Businesses That Run Ads On TikTok Reported Great Profits Within 6 Months

TikTok reigns supreme in the tech world and as its popularity increases around the globe, it wouldn’t be wrong to label it as the ultimate search engine for entertainment.

Many are calling out the app for being a wonderful platform and that’s one of the many reasons why we’re hearing about small firms paying more attention to such hype.

As per a new marketing survey by leading software firm Capterra, around 78% of small firms are going public in expressing how satisfied they are with the app. Running ads on the platform has resulted in positive ROI and that too, within a turnover of just six months.

It’s Gen Z who really can’t get enough of the endeavor and so many consumers turn to the app for search, when compared to the likes of search engine giants like Google. This is done to find the exact same location or restaurant and has become super advantageous for both big and small firms.

Today, it’s no surprise that both Google as well as Meta’s advertising dominance is fading. Moreover, one in ten people surveyed how firms are going viral on the app in the most organic manner. This indicates a leveled playing field that does not have to do with domination by other leading names in the industry.

One of the major aspects of this app that has people falling at its feet is the option of vertical and more immersive video content that takes you into a business in seconds, instead of making you go through such intense review sites that are full of text on either Google or Yelp.

When marketers of TikTok were surveyed by the likes of Capterra, it was shown how many planned to spend more and more funds on the app this year. But at the same time, around 18% of these companies that aren’t using TikTok at the moment claim they’ve got plenty of concerns regarding such data practices.

TikTok is facing plenty of criticism and scrutiny thanks to the likes of the American Government regarding a potential link with China’s controversial Communist Party and how they’re using this platform for the likes of surveillance.

Meanwhile, just a few days back, the American Government passed another major spending bill that banned the use of TikTok on smartphones owned by government officials. And that really showed a clear message to the world.

In the same way, the TikTok firm paused hiring for US-based consultants too and that could hint at a potential ban of the app in the future. So as you can see, the woes and worries of TikTok are plenty in this regard.

One senior analyst at Capterra has further gone on to reveal how the strong response of Gen Z in terms of choosing TikTok as their go-to search engine rather than Google Maps means Google has tough competition. This is why Google certainly does not plan on taking a back seat and will roll out altered search functions to serve as competition to TikTok’s great reviews.

Users adore TikTok as the content on the app feels super authentic and very unfussy to many individuals. There are videos that do feel real and appear as if they’re made for real people to enjoy. Then at the same time, you’ve got ads that end up capturing a true candid nature for organic content on the platform which would help a firm adjust well and gain profits.

Among those firms that promote organic and sponsored content, 72% claim content on the app that’s organic is very valuable for their business’s overall performance. On the other hand, a good 55% claim the same for advertisements.

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