YouTube Begins Experimenting With Video Queues And New Emoji Reactions For Live Streams

YouTube is bringing forward video queues for both Android and iOS users as it begins experimenting with the feature starting today.

The offering is already up for grabs on the app’s website and that means you would soon be allowed to get content back that you didn’t wish to view at that moment in time. For now, you can only do that through your phone by pressing on the ‘Save to Watch Later’ or the ‘Save to Playlist’ feature on the app.

The problems with both of these selections are related to them being permanent. Therefore, they just save things in the library and require manual removal after a single watch. Meanwhile, queues are certainly more temporary, and seeing apps on smartphones get it is just a wonderful feeling. Just remember it’s not going to be available for Shorts just yet but who knows, we might see it coming soon.

Once it does go live, you’ll be seeing a menu for the three-dot overflow arising near videos. These would be housing new options like Play Last in Queue that’s seen at the list’s top.

After you select your desired content, the app would be creating a queue toward the screen’s bottom. This panel enables you to rearrange the order for viewing and allow for removal by swiping in a left direction. Some options are there for repeats and even shuffles so you can playback. And to clear the lineup, just swipe away.

Once you do end up playing something in this list, it gets added automatically to this queue and can be moved as well. Before, this feature used to be promoted as a Premium offering. As far as today’s test, it’s just for the app’s premium subscribers. But the platform hopes to complete the testing by the end of next month so a rollout would be after that. So stay tuned!

Moving on, YouTube is also conducting tests for some new and exciting emoji reactions to be used in Live Streams. This is another great way to generate responses to Live Chats during broadcasts.

As the company mentioned today through a post, they’ve been on the lookout for features that would help viewers react to what’s happening live. And they’ve found the perfect solution with five new emoji reactions.

Remember how the user’s reactions would be kept anonymous so nobody would be aware of what’s going on there? Other ways through which you can showcase support are donations from Super Chat and also Stickers.

But we feel it’s great for those in search of creative ways to generate a current response. If you’ve used the already available features, you’d find there is a heart, surprise, and crying emoji but now, you’ll find a few more.

You can relate this new feature to responses generated to the platform’s Timed Reactions. For now, YouTube is busy testing this feature for a limited number of channels but an expansion is soon underway.

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