YouTube Announces Lists Featuring Top Creators, Songs, And Videos For 2022

We may not be attaining a YouTube Rewind button before this year’s end, but at least we’re getting insights on who made it big in terms of creators, music tracks, and videos on the app.

The company opted to carry on with its classic tradition that comprised highlighting which songs, videos, and creators were trending in 2022. This includes Shorts that made it big this year and we feel such lists are doing justice in terms of best representing what is popular in terms of creators and content, depending on which region was involved.

The list entails all sorts of videos, creators, and Shorts in the country which can be accessed through such lists that are found on the app. Simply click on your region through the menu which drops down and the results would be in front of you.

First things first, it’s time to see which videos made it big. Well, there are certainly no major surprises as controversies did reign supreme such as the whole Will Smith and Chris Rock slap fiasco at the Oscars. Others included Technoblade- so long nerds and the NFL performance of Snopp Dogg and Dr. Dre with Eminem.

Leading YouTuber MrBeast was another favorite where his video of designing an entire chocolate factory like Willy Wonka was viewed and loved by millions of fans. Another enticing video was a payback stunt featuring a Glitterbomb by Mark Rober. Similarly, seeing Millie Bobby Brown needing a milkshake was another highlight as was Kane Pixel's backroom footage.

Moving on to the leading YouTube Shorts content that made it big this year, we had the likes of a diver cracking eggs at 45 ft deep sea level and Sarah Trust Challenges where she was doing hingaflips.

Right after that, we saw the likes of Jay and Sharon taking the gap between a car seat and center console being viewed a lot as was Adrian Bliss’ Shorts video of welcoming to the stomach.

Next up, it was time to see which creators on YouTube really made it big and no surprise to see MrBeast cinch the top position on the list. After that, it was NichLmao and Airrack, followed by the likes of Ryan Trahan and Isaiah Photo who also had a great year.

Brent Rivera and Ian Boggs also managed to make it to the top ten list of trending creators for 2022.

The list of Breakout Creators for this year comprised Airrack, David the Baker, NichLmao,dayta, and Devin Caherly Shorts.

The list of trending songs for the year 2022 included the likes of Encanto Cast whose song ‘We don’t talk about Bruno’ did great and was loved by millions around the globe. Kodak Black’s Super Gremlin and Jessica Darrow’s Surface Pressure were other tracks that turned out to be massively popular on the platform. Bad Bunny had two famous tracks make the list.

You can download the entire list by visiting the website. YouTube really made sure the world knew that December means tallying the best performers in terms of content and that’s exactly what we have in front of us.

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