BBC is the most popular news outlet of 2022, while Google is the most popular internet service, reveals Cloudflare

More and more people have started watching the news ever since the pandemic hit and the only source of getting to know what was going on outside the walls of our homes was the news. Ever since then, people have been hooked on the news to know more about the world.

On top of that, 2022 has been by far the most happening year in the past decade. People have been up to date with what’s happening by watching the news but which channels bring about the most authentic news? To find out which news channels were popular, a survey was recently conducted.

According to the research conducted by CloudFlare, the most popular platforms are BBC and Globo in the news media category. These were followed by CNN and Fox.

BBC hit the top of its charts when Queen Elizabeth died and when the Ukraine war started. People turned to the news to gather more information and BBC was their first choice.

The next on the list was New York Times, followed by The Guardian. The list didn’t end there as it was followed by News Google and Yahoo Finance in the respective order. Last on the list were Washington Post and Daily Mail.

All of these channels are popular however the most popular remain BBC and Globo. The results were the same in the popularity test conducted in November.

Now that we’re done with the news section, the study also included the popularity of websites. The most popular service of the year was Google, followed by Facebook. The third position was jointly acquired by TikTok and Apple. The fifth place was given to YouTube.

As for the streaming sites, YouTube got the first place here. The second and third were picked up by Netflix and Twitch. Disney+ got the fifth position this time.

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