Votes Gained On Twitter Polls By Elon Musk Are Being Manipulated By Bots, New Research Finds

If you happen to be an avid user of the Twitter app, we’re sure you’re well aware of the fact that Elon Musk loves conducting polls on a frequent basis.

In the recent past, the new Twitter chief mentioned how such polls are the voice of the people and he believed firmly that the results would help him take some important decisions after a majority consensus.

This included the likes of reinstating former US President Donald Trump on the app and also allowing suspended journalists back on the platform, despite them breaking the app’s policy. But the most interesting one of them all was linked to a question about whether or not Musk should step down as the firm’s CEO. And the majority felt that he should.

When asked who would be the replacement, Musk confirmed that there was no one yet in the pipeline as there wasn’t anyone willing to accept the job. But he did vow to free himself from this leading role, once a suitable replacement was found.

But now, new research is claiming that such frequent polls on Twitter by the billionaire CEO are subject to much controversy. And they are being manipulated by the likes of Bots or spam accounts.

The news comes from a leading digital rights group called Accountable Tech which says that it only requires an amount of $100 to get tens of thousands of votes. And as anyone can imagine, this could open up a new debate on the subject as Musk places heavy reliance on this tool as the voice of the people.

It’s actually very interesting because Elon Musk drove people wild when he chose to acquire the firm, accusing it of having hundreds of bots and spam accounts. But now, seeing this research come to light under his own leadership is a real eye-opener for obvious reasons. Remember, seeing bots flourish under the Twitter Chief’s nose is startling.

Ever since Musk chose to acquire the firm in October of this year, he really did go the extra mile in terms of placing heavy importance on polls and that’s why they were so frequently observed on the app.

Another interesting aspect is how the war against bots Musk saw hundreds of mobile carriers getting blocked as there were fears that most of the bots were arising from certain regions of the Asia Pacific region. This cut off access to thousands of accounts.

But since then, we’ve seen the ban gets reversed and that raises a question mark. Clearly, Musk needs to address the concerns as this is major.

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