Twitter To Begin Putting Tweet Metrics In Front Of Users’ Published Tweets (Updated)

In the world of Elon Musk and Twitter, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’ve witnessed quietness of a whole new kind.

And it’s definitely rare as Musk loves to re-assess every single move on the application. But now, it seems he is on a new mission to get more and more people to post and engage on the app.

What better way of doing something like that than by publishing metrics right in front of a user’s tweet? Sounds rather interesting to us and we do see where Musk may be going with this initiative. After all, growing interest is the call of the day and we feel this just might be a perfect way.

With time, Elon Musk has gone as far as noting that the platform’s usage is reaching new records and with the momentum of hate speech at another low, there’s no reason why the app shouldn’t be thinking of more ways to get people posting more than ever.

As it is, the revenue generated through advertising is at an all-time low and now, Musk is really trying to figure out what people are so reluctant to tweet. Remember, those who lurk around the app aren’t really providing any form of benefit, whatsoever.

As mentioned in a research study conducted last year, only 25% of Americans make up the Tween published on the app. So why is there so much reluctance in the first place?

On most occasions, Twitter users aren’t just tweeting. There is a problem as the verification strategy would never work out because if people aren’t tweeting, why would anyone in their right mind ever care about the likes of blue ticks in the first place?

So Musk is definitely on a mission to address such matters and one way is through the likes of shifting such incentives in favor of Tweet metrics. As Musk mentioned that his stats prove that most tweets are being viewed by so many people. And if Twitter can make this a point worth highlighting, it might be an addition to the world of Likes and even Retweet counts. And in the end, it’s a major booster for engagement.

But then some critics feel the move is a risk because not all creators wish to see their content getting thousands of views and zero engagement. Since Musk’s mind functions like a magnet for attention, he might be keen on getting the stats right.

So what would something like that do? It may not end up enhancing tweet engagement but it could well make sense at providing more incentives to put up posts more frequently than usual.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, found some evidence of the "Tweet view count" feature on mobile as well on web, which shows Twitter is in the final stage of rolling out this feature.

It’s a trial and it could go either way we feel. With most critics putting the odds against Musk’s success for the Twitter app, we’re more than curious to see how his experiment goes.

Experts feel that those who worked at Twitter mentioned that most of the trials Musk are engaging in have already been done in the past. Hence, it does not make sense as to why he’s repeating it when the results have proven that people just aren’t interested anymore.

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