Twitter Makes Major Changes Including Color-Coded Ticks For Different Accounts As Its Controversial Subscription Kicks In

The relaunch of Twitter Blue has begun and that has arrived with a range of color-coded checkmarks for different entities.

It’s blue ticks for Business and gold for various company accounts as the firm claims it’s on a mission to rid the controversy that arose for multiple profiles in the recent past.

But many aren’t surprised that the hue Blue is used for the business tier. This would enable firms to purchase verification badges that employees can add to profiles to eliminate any further confusion. It's similar to reaffirming that corporate entity.

There is also news, thanks to social media expert Jane Manchun Wong about such blue business profiles attaining the square profile picture status as well.

Meanwhile, a lot of confusion arises on the exact pricing for this Blue Subscription status as that’s one dilemma that many hope to solve soon and as soon as we get an update, we’d be posting it.

What we do know is that users of iOS would have to pay $11 a month while those of Android may be paying $8.

On the other hand, billionaire Elon Musk says he is working on completely shunning the Twitter legacy verifications. And the change is expected to roll out in just a few months.

The Twitter CEO mentioned the news through a recent tweet that was put forward through his account. Similarly, he outlined how the previous mentions made in the past didn’t make much sense and it was just a moment that’s beyond comical.

The news comes as the app rolls out its controversial blue subscription again amid a very dicey first attempt. And after attaining that blue tick, users did get pop-ups that went on to state a very interesting fact.

The account notified the account holder that this was a legacy verified account. Similarly, it spoke about whether it could or couldn’t be notable. And that’s exactly where such news arises from.

It’s quite clear how the platform is still on a mission to figure out the real way to generate revenue through such streams and also is doing its absolute best to not repeat mistakes made in the past. And that’s by adding an entire range of means to help authenticate verification of users across the board.

Now, to complete the entire verification process, users would require phone numbers while purchasing their blue Twitter accounts. This was highlighted during the recent launch over the weekend.

The company adds that those profiles who are yet to add their phone numbers for verification would be needing to do so soon as prompts others to make similar changes when buying subscription plans.

Twitter also mentioned that those accounts that were not active in the past month or have ended up making some serious amendments like changes to profile images, usernames, and more in the past week would not be given the green signal to sign on to the app.

We see this as being the latest edition of requirements needed to sign up as the relaunch of Blue Subscriptions kicks in.

Last but not least, we’ve got some news on the follow-up mention by Musk regarding the introduction of longer tweets for the app.

The Twitter Chief did announce how keen he was to give users the chance to share posts of longer lengths. This could be texts or video formats, either of which is now going to be allowed.

Therefore, the app is introducing mock-ups on this front. It’s like Musk exploring his desire to add features to the app that are quite similar to YouTube.

So do keep a lookout for posts exceeding the 4000-character limit and we’ll be doing the same.

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