Twitter Intends On Wasting No Time As App Embarks On Swift Decision-Making, Confirms New Head Of Trust And Safety

With all the controversial and dicey decision-making that has come forward after Elon Musk’s acquisition of the Twitter firm, the company’s new head of trust and safety has something to say.

To help pull the firm out of the mega turmoil it’s been in for a while now, the platform uses a swift decision-making policy. This means acting now and figuring out the details later. It’s as simple as that because Musk and his team realize that time is of the essence.

The new strategy sees Musk making spontaneous decisions in real-time regarding content without taking a lot of time thinking beforehand. This particular move has come as the app tries to recover from the likes of inappropriate content. And if that means diving into specifics at a later moment in time, then so be it.

These statements were confirmed by Ella Irwin, the organization’s lead of Trust and Safety. She took charge in June and has been given a massive responsibility that many refer to as the top job on the platform. This involves figuring out the company's security and safety policies which are needed more now than ever.

To many, it’s a biased move and Ella agrees. For example, this month is all about thinking quickly on your feet. When Kanye West’s account was unsuspended, the rapper chose to post more controversial content. Therefore, he was banned again for putting such things as Musk personally went public to announce the new suspension. The decision came quickly and that’s how the app hopes to act in the future. It is yet clear if the move was permeant or temporary as it’s still in the air.
On the other hand, we’ve seen Elon Musk spend a staggering six weeks putting out new rules for the platform regarding content moderation and free speech. Some were added, while others were removed and this carried on for a while now.

Musk and his team are adding safety as one of their biggest priorities. And they are not worried about factors such as user numbers over matters like these. In particular, if there was one matter that Twitter is really worried about, it’s related to child exploitation. They feel it’s growing as we speak and if that means putting end-to-end encryption on hold, then so be it.

It looks like Musk has really chosen the right woman to lead this ordeal as she’s got plenty of experience working in firms like Twilio and Amazon to handle the matter.

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