Twitter Blue Launches New Perks For Subscribers Like Prioritized Ranking Chats And 60 Minute Videos

The new Twitter Blue is out and in case you’re still wondering whether or not making a purchase is the best way to move forward, well, we’ve got some news for you.

Twitter is rolling out a few more perks for its Blue members and that entails prioritized rankings during chats and 60-minute-long video uploads.

Elon Musk had promised users that they would attain such a feature soon after getting signed up for the Blue Subscription. And it’s not wrong to mention that he was so right as such members are being given priority in more ways than one.

From replies and mentions to incentives for search and the capability to put out long videos too, the list is endless. And with this new reply priority also being rolled out for users, you can put out replies as a priority on any Tweet that you’re dealing with.

This is the case when it comes down to different tweets, despite having a small number of followers. The blue members appear at the very top of the list of replies but we are not sure for how long this would happen or if some more factors go into making this decision.

A few days back, we saw Twitter’s support team shed light on the concept linked to priority rankings. This would reduce visibility in terms of scams, bots, spam, and more. But there are a few reservations about this offering and the system that supports it.

It might provide a much sub-par experience for those who are not paying or even if a paid priority does arise, it could assist spammers, trolls, and more in making their messages more amplified.

These rules related to longer videos, which jumped from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, means that although regular users on Android and iOS get 10, Blue members are privileged with more.

On the other hand, the Twitter app says it has the ability to modify or alter original videos for the sake of publication, distribution, broadcast, and more. Similarly, it does hold the ability to alter the resolution depending on the actual speed of the internet.

Elon Musk has previously spoken about how Twitter would end up paying its creators of content that’s uploaded on the app. And it even notes how it would exceed the 55% cut that the platform is offering to its content creators today.

Meanwhile, the app is still silent on such a feature that would come forward with the addition of ads or so many other things. Similarly, it’s just not clear how that could address matters linked to privacy concerns, provided how so much of the moderation team is out the door, thanks to Musk’s decision-making.

Nevertheless, the features are definitely exclusive but are they really worth paying for, only you as a Twitter user can decide.

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