Twitter All Set To Relaunch Its Blue Subscription And Delete More Than 1 Billion Inactive Accounts Among Other Changes

Twitter is making the effort to introduce some more changes to the app including the deletion of more than 1 billion inactive accounts on the platform.

The whole idea is to make sure significant usernames and handles are present on the app again but at the same time, those that are not active are being given the boot.

The news was confirmed through a recent tweet published by billionaire CEO Elon Musk. He says the decision is being done to make room for more namespace on the app. The agreement was already taken in November to delete apps inactive for 15 years but now, it’s not quite clear what the criteria for apps being outlined for deletion are. And that’s because Musk had previously mentioned how accounts that were even dormant for one year could be removed.

Concurrently, the second rendition of the Twitter Files was recently set out by Musk in which he highlighted some serious allegations against the firm’s former CEO and so many other members of the organization. There is also news about the platform putting forward new measures for advertisers to help better the app’s transparency as well as accountability.

Another major headline related to the world of Twitter is linked to the relaunch of the controversial Blue Subscription. Since the past two weeks, so many speculations have been coming out of the rumor mill on whether or not it would be relaunched and the final verdict is here.

It’s coming out tomorrow and this time around, Twitter is hoping to avoid making the same mistakes that it did in the past. With some new price points and some new colors for different businesses and government entities, it appears to be a much more planned approach than before. And we feel that was necessary, considering what all went on last time.

Meanwhile, a separate tweet was sent out by Elon Musk regarding the concept of shadowbanning. The billionaire highlighted in his tweet how he hoped that this time around, users would be provided with a justification as to why their posts were being banned and also a way through which they could restore their profiles if they felt like they weren’t being treated justly.

In this way, users would be given the chance to make an appeal to the platform if they feel their posts are getting suppressed. Similarly, the app is currently working on a new practice in the form of a software update that shows users the real status of their accounts. The whole mechanism behind such changes is to prevent users from feeling like they don’t have a say and also to ensure the app is adamant about hearing their issues out as they wish nothing but well.

Last but not least, another major development in the world of Twitter comes from the app’s security chief. This was related to the rumor of messages being encrypted for better security and privacy practices.

But you’ll be shocked to learn that this might not be coming forward after all, contrary to security experts’ opinions and demands.

Musk had mentioned a while back how such an offering was the need of the hour because it would help ward off matters like spying. But now, we’re seeing that this might not be the case after all.

Ella Irwin who is the platform’s new security chief says the reason why it might not be rolled out at all is simple. Twitter wouldn’t be able to see content located in users’ direct messages and hence such material couldn’t be scanned to determine if it entailed matters linked to child exploitation.

The reasoning is pretty sound if you ask us and it’s great that such matters are being thought out intricately before blindly moving ahead.

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