Tough Times For Apple As Stocks Hit New Low With Trillion Dollar Loss Thanks To Less iPhone Shipments

Apple has had a tough year so far but the challenges keep on coming for the leading iPhone maker. Recently, we saw more obstacles take center stage with the iPhone 14 series, including the Pro and Pro Max designs.

During this fall, a major outbreak of COVID-19 in China caused production to slow down as plants were forced to close amid a lockdown. As expected, it drastically affected shipments as the company’s production partner Foxconn was forced to deal with mega losses.

The shares suffered by a serious degree and we saw stocks plummet amid the 52-week low, where figures reached one trillion dollars in terms of a decline in value. Now, future forecasts don’t seem to be any brighter as the iPhone challenges are huge.

As it is, the leading firm warned Apple clients as well as their respective investors that conditions in China were worsening. There was a huge constraint in terms of the dilemma of producing more devices of the iPhone 14 Pro so it could meet this rise in demand.

Today, a new report was published that asked for revisions in terms of an estimate of the number of iPhone 14 units that Apple would end up selling this year, alongside another huge forecast that the tech giant has in terms of a struggle for the year 2023.

The report goes on to delineate how the plant that’s responsible for the production of the iPhone 14 isn’t usually above the 70% capacity designated for complete utilization. Yes, there is another plant in the backup that would assist, but this still does not appear to solve the problem, neither

For the future, there seems to be another leading issue and that’s related to a shortage in labor in countries like China and which began in December, and may similarly get worse with time.

Stats have gone on to speak about how things are going from bad to worse for Apple. We expect a staggering 22% YoY decline in terms of iPhone model production regarding iPhone shipments and that again fell 47 million units.

This is linked to the Chinese government putting out major amendments to the policy of COVID-19 outbreaks and a whole general preparation for the holiday of the lunar new year. There are some very visible signs that there is a labor shortage and it may get worse with time.

So now we are dealing with some major changes affecting the world’s global economy and Apple facing a lack of a workforce that further hampers the production of its iPhone devices.

In addition to that, Apple is going to be losing out on a staggering value of $1 trillion, thanks to its share prices taking a major downfall. The prices of stocks are hitting a huge 52-week low when the figures for day trading were looked at in more detail.

This is down massively from a high observed under $183 that was seen in January of 2022. This is when the tech giant achieved the position of being the first firm to get a $3 trillion valuation.

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