Good News For Movie Fans As US Judge Says They Can Sue For Misleading Trailers

There can be nothing worse than watching a movie that’s the complete opposite of its trailer.

The whole idea of movie trailers is linked to building up anticipation for a film but when they turn out to be misleading, it’s never a great feeling for a devoted fan.

But if you’re a movie buff, this next piece of news is sure to excite you. Think along the lines of having the ability to sue, just in case the movie’s trailer is the opposite of what you had imagined. Yes, it’s true, as confirmed by one US Judge recently.

Fans that are not too happy about the news that their favorite actor didn’t end up in the film can pursue legal action, the judge further elaborated. And it’s something that we’ve never heard of before.

The reason is linked to false advertising which is a clear crime conducted for the sake of revenue generation for leading production houses. And it’s no longer ok, the Judge went on to add.

The news comes as two hardcore movie buffs put forward their complaints linked to a major issue they had with the film Yesterday from the year 2019. According to them, there was a slot for actor Ana de Armas.

After paying for their rented DVD and not getting what they were promised, they were clearly not happy campers. They further alleged that Universal Pictures tricked them and the world and they should pay for such consequences.

Seeing the actor not make the final cut was a tough pill for them to swallow and they really did wish things were better next time around.

But this is just one of the biggest movie grievances that so many individuals ended up having. Many others have made similar claims against Universal Pictures and the latter requested for such cases to be thrown out the window.

The American judge did take notice of the case and went on to add how such behavior was no longer okay. It is shocking to see people behave in this manner because trailers are basically previews for a film. And it’s important for them to be as honest as possible.

The judge concluded that since trailers are like ads for films, they can’t mislead the viewer.

We can’t even begin to imagine how delightful people must feel after such news comes out? Let us know what you think!


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