Study reveals the most innovative U.S cities of 2022

According to a study by The Fabricator, Seattle, which is a city in Washington USA, is the most innovative city in 2022.

The study emphasized that it is the people that bring the innovation, and to take complete advantage of the innovation, it is necessary to support and engage more and more STEM workers where STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The report was generated keeping in view the total number of STEM workers, their average income, and the women percentage being employed. Additionally, the report also collected data in the form of the total number of college graduates having a STEM degree and thus developed this report of the most innovative cities in the USA.

As The Fabricator report ranked Seattle as the most innovative city in the USA, this is less astonishing as the city is the center for tech development and scientific innovation. Many places depict the fact that Seattle is the most innovative city in the US because of many firms and companies ranging from the Museum of Flight, and Living Computers – a famous museum, to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation lies in Seattle.

Moving forward, the report presented Baltimore, a city in the U.S. state of Maryland, as the second most innovative US city in 2022. Among many other factors, one of the reasons for placing Baltimore after Seattle is that Baltimore hosts an Innovation Week every year.

As we move in the list, one can see that San Jose (a city in the U.S. state of California) is in the third position, and why is it so? Well, it is the leading technology innovator across the U.S.

It would not be wrong to call the American state California the most innovative state, as it comprises 6 out of 10 cities that have been included in the list of most innovative cities in America by The Fabricator. Speaking of other states, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Colorado are the states having a lead in innovation after California.

The research also showed that Seattle is the city having the average STEM worker salary of around 124,000 US dollars which is the highest income in Washington, USA. A thing to note here is that Wyoming has a 63% lower average STEM worker salary than Washington. It has been mentioned in the report that Wyoming has an average salary of $68,770 for a STEM employee.

Another fact that the report shared, is that the state of Wyoming has just 2970 employees as STEM workers which is the lowest in the USA. The research has also done some standardization by state population, and it was discovered that Louisiana has the least percentage of STEM employees per hundred thousand people. It is not a coincidence that neither Louisiana nor Wyoming does not have a single city in the most innovative cities in the 2022 catalog.

Some of the key points are that the state with the highest number of STEM employees is the state of California having 662110 workers. This is because California hosts 6 out of 10 cities in the most innovative cities table. Besides, the demand for STEM employees is more and salaries are also better in California.

As far as women as STEM workers are concerned, Maryland, with 7.5%, is at the top of the list whereas South Dakota having only 2.6% is at the bottom.

Moreover, the amount of Google searches for STEM jobs can also be beneficial in predicting interest in such jobs per city. For instance, New York City holds the highest number of Google searches related to STEM jobs followed by Houston, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

The report concluded by stating that for innovation to boost, it is necessary to support people by paying them well, and increasing diversity in workplaces so that a business can boom in the best possible way.

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