Spotify CEO Goes Public With His Complaints Against Apple On Twitter

Just when you thought it was Twitter chief and Tesla CEO who was busy ranting about Apple and its behavior, we’ve got another tech giant leader on the block that may share the same sentiments as Musk on the subject of Apple.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek was witnessed sending out a long thread regarding his views on the leading smartphone maker. According to him, Apple has zero care in the world about its clients, the court of law, or any policy that exists. Instead, they are most interested in their own gains. And he found that to be awfully selfish as Spotify would need to provide a staggering share worth 30% to Apple. This would be for its subscription revenue if it did intend on doing the same.

Considering the tiny profit margins within which the Spotify app functions, it’s nearly possible to thrive in the competitive market. On that note, we saw the firm file one antitrust complaint against the likes of Apple in 2019.

It unveiled how Spotify is targeting Apple’s 30% share which it calls tax and found that unfair but at the same time, it referenced rules regarding how Apple prevents third parties from dealing directly with customers.

At the end of it all, Spotify needs Apple Music to understand that it abides by a similar series of rules and regulations that the tech giant puts on various apps owned by third parties.

In addition to that, Spotify was seen speaking about how Apple is providing a list of unfair advantages each turn. This is a clear failure on its part to solve such matters that Apple may have directly. So as you can see, it’s slowly but surely turning into a mega legal action that has some formal complaints regarding the European Commission.

In bolder words, Spotify feels Apple provides its clients with the most unfair advantages at every single turn that it gets. Hence, now, the fact that it can’t seem to deal with solving the matter with the iPhone maker on direct terms, it’s left with no choice but to use legal action and involve the European Commission.

But what exactly did the Tweet mention is a point worth pondering. Well, it begins with the CEO mentioning a complaint that has been discussed above Apple being so unfair in all of its dealings with other apps and their developers. He also added that this sort of behavior is what hurts competition and prevents innovation.

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