Elon Musk Is Failing At Bringing Back Advertisers To Twitter, New Report Confirms

After taking over the Twitter platform, we saw billionaire Elon Musk make a plethora of changes. While some had been accepted with open arms, others not so much.

We saw so many employees being shown the door and the app reinstating accounts that were controversial and suspended for so long. He similarly made amendments in terms of firing employees but there was one group that really made the billionaire struggle. And in case you can’t guess by now, we’re referring to advertisers.

So many apps rely on advertisers directly for their revenue and Twitter happens to be one of them. New research from Pathmatics is highlighting a very significant finding. And that’s linked to how the majority of advertisers of the company have paused their actions, causing Twitter to suffer an incredible amount of loss in terms of profits.

To help put things into better perspective, Twitter’s staggering revenue of $5 billion last year came mostly through the likes of ads. It’s definitely shocking as Musk has been holding meetings left and right with advertisers to try and get to the bottom of the matter in recent times.

At one end, Musk gets promised the most innovative ads that enable users to make a purchase directly and allow for a greater number of video capabilities. And then at the other end, you have tools that keep ads from making an appearance next to content that’s objectionable. The report comes through executives of ads that are familiar with the firm.

While some buyers for advertisements claim to witness a few changes on the platform before they make a decision to return, others keep on expressing how concerned they are about the moves that Musk is making on a daily basis as the firm’s CEO. This entails the company’s rule-making and tweets dubbed to be controversial.

In a manner that’s similar to separating art from the real artist, so many advertisers are finding it hard to put Twitter away from Elon Musk. Moreover, the rule has come forward so Musk can ensure the subject of discussion is not avoided. But critics feel they are clueless as to why Musk is complaining in the first place. According to them, he’s brought on this wrath by himself and has to take accountability for his actions.

On the other hand, a recent survey shows that users satisfaction with the Twitter service is also dwindling.

For now, Musk is yet to comment in detail on the matter. But it’s going to be very interesting how more things play out soon because Musk does intend on stepping down as the firm’s CEO. When exactly that happens, time will tell but it raises another question about Musk as it means he could soon be keeping a huge distance from himself and the firm, thanks to a new CEO.

When recently asked about the issue, Musk says advertisers want him to guarantee a great and healthy return on investment. The request he adds is very reasonable as times are difficult economically and now it’s time advertisers request hard questions.

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