New Lawsuit Says The Apple Watch Blood Oxygen Sensor Is Racially Biased

More trouble for leading iPhone maker Apple who has recently received a new lawsuit that’s making some bizarre claims about its blood oxygen sensor. This is found on the Apple watch and its lawsuit accused the firm of being biased against those having darker skin tones.

Now Alex Morales is suing Apple as he makes claims about how such a feature that’s worn may provide both false and misleading images of this wearable feature. It purports in measuring the oxygen levels in the blood.

The plaintiff who is based in New York mentioned how its pulse oximetry offering in the Apple Smart Watch would be a great feature. He adds how much he was looking forward to it. But little did he realize that would offer different functioning for those of darker skin codes.

When buying such products, you’d think that this is understood but that’s not the case. For nearly decades, there are plenty of reports of how such devices could be less accurate when it comes down to measuring these levels depending on what skin color you have.

The case also mentioned how the real picture of biasness that was taking place had been unaddressed as the pandemic arose.

It’s a part of structural racism that continues to exist in today’s time. Moreover, there is heavy reliance on the likes of pulse oximetry for testing patients and making changes to the supplementary oxygen levels.

This puts those with dark skin tones at a bigger risk of suffering from hypoxemia, low blood oxygen, and more, the lawsuit mentioned.

Meanwhile, recently conducted research has gone on to shed light on how darker-skinned people had thrice the frequency of occult hypoxemia that wasn’t detected by the likes of pulse oximetry as much as white-skinned patients.

The lawsuit had been filed on December 24 on the behalf of consumers based in New York as well as residents who hail from Alaska, Iowa, Utah, North Carolina, Wyoming, and even North Dakota as per their state laws regarding fraud.

At the same time, you’ll find this case accused tech giant Apple of making major breaches to the likes of fraud, unjust behavior, and even express warranty.

As per this lawsuit, most healthcare recommendations have to do with readings of levels of blood oxygen. Hence, white patients are more likely to obtain care than those with skin that’s a darker shade.

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