Meta Says Its ‘Jobs On Facebook’ Feature Is Coming To An End In February 2023

If you happen to be an avid Facebook user, well, we bet you must be aware of the ‘Jobs on Facebook’ feature.

But we’d like to inform you that Meta has opted to get rid of the offering as early as February of next year. The news comes as so many users of the platform started to get alerts regarding the decision this week. Here is where the app sent out kind reminders that February 22 is the date to remember.

Once you press on this notification, it would make users aware of a new help page that reads, ‘Jobs on Facebook’ isn’t going to be present on the Facebook platform any longer. The same would be for the likes of the Facebook mobile website and the desktop website for the app that is for both job seekers and employers.

Facebook is similarly providing a link that allows users to access and download the content that they may have shared through Facebook Jobs. This link comes under the heading, ‘How do I view my information on Facebook?’

This offering was first introduced by the platform to users located in the US and in Canada. This was way back in the year 2017. After that, we saw the feature undergo expansion to nearly 40 more nations by 2018.

It was interesting to notice how Meta chose to close doors on the feature in February but it continued to function in Canada and the US. It similarly deleted the ability to provide jobs free of cost through partner integration schemes using the API highlighted for Facebook Jobs.

Now, it has finally come to the conclusion that it would like to get rid of it as a whole.

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