Majority Of The Countries All Around The World Are Working Together To Make Rules To End Plastic Pollution

Many governments from different countries around the globe are on the same page to end plastic pollution by the end of 2024. For this purpose, they all have agreed to draw some global rules which will not only help with plastic pollution but will also help in its useful production. Plastic consumers also believe that now it is important to make these rules because plastic is affecting the environment of this world.

Ipsos surveyed plastic consumers in 34 countries of the world. 23,000 adults did this survey in the light of Ipsos in collaboration with WWF and Plastic Free Foundation. 70% of people included in this survey agree that there should be worldwide rules to end plastic pollution. They also said that these rules should be given out to governments of the countries so they can easily apply them.

According to this survey, the most plastic consumers who want some global rules to end plastic pollutants were from Peru and Indonesia. They both showed the highest percentage of 81% to support the regulations that should be implemented.

After these countries, Columbia and Spain were the countries with the most positive responses with 78% applying some rules for plastic pollution. 74% of people in France also wanted the rules. The response in the UK and Brazil was 71%. 63% of people in Denmark were supporting this decision. China, Japan, and the United States were the ones with the least percentage of support for the poll. One of the biggest reasons for this was that many people didn't choose a specific answer. Most of them chose "Don't know" which means they were confused about this. Japan had the lowest percentage (41%). Another reason for this could be that people aren't in support of low plastic use as plastic is cheaper than any other material.

The survey also stated the points people want to add to the global rules. The majority of them said that they want the governments to ban unnecessary plastics which are only used once. Many of them also want plastic that is easily recyclable and want the manufacturers to reduce what they produce. It is also important that the manufacturers add labels to the products that can help people know how to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics.

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