Instagram Rolls Out New Features To Further Assist Users In Keeping Accounts Secure

In the modern world of tech where online threats continue to increase by the second, you can never be too sure about your security.

This is why leading apps like Instagram are taking extra precautionary to make sure users’ accounts are as secure as can be. Therefore, recently, Instagram rolled out a new array of features that can assist users in keeping accounts more guarded than before.

The news can be found on the app’s support page which is new and called, ‘’ Here is where app users can go when their accounts are compromised as they wish to report issues and take more steps that regain access to their personal accounts.

After gaining access to the page, users select through a list filled with so many options indicating a particular issue that they're currently facing. From being hacked to not remembering passwords, the list is long. Let’s not forget about another common problem arising that entails loss to two-factor authentication or getting accounts disabled for some reason.

Through this, users get guided via a series of measures to assist in account recovery. In case you do have several accounts on the platform that are linked to their personal details, they get the chance to select which account it is that requires more assistance than others.

Besides this new page for support on accounts, Instagram is also rolling out a new feature that gives them the flexibility to regain control of lost or disabled accounts through several other means. One of them includes requesting friends to help verify their real identity to assist with this entire process.

On the other hand, the platform is also experimenting with new ways through which it could put an end to hacking through this app, moments before it even begins. As it is, Instagram does have some great automated systems right now that can detect and delete accounts that they feel are a threat or malicious in intent.

Instagram similarly is making way for a new way through which verification badges for account holders are displayed on the app. Now, you’ll find the classic blue colored badge for verification on accounts in different places on the app. It’s steps like these through which it hopes to help other users on the platform determine if an account they’re interacting with is authentic or not.

You can now find such verified badges in places like DMs and Insta Stories too, other than the usual feed of the app.

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