Google shuts down its 7-year-old feature - Web Light Page Transcoding

Google has recently announced that they are going to retire their 7-year-old services that were meant to provide support to devices that operate on slow mobile connections.

To carry out this action, Google has disabled not only the developer page for the documentation of this feature but the associated user agent as well. Web Light Page Transcoding has officially retired.

To reminisce about the past a little, this service was introduced for those who live in countries with slow mobile connections. After all, everyone deserves a fast connection, right? It seems like the world has advanced now that Google has decided to retire the feature.

What the feature did was optimize the web pages so that they used only 20% data as compared to normal web pages loading. This made the service super fast even in places where a 2G network is being used.

This feature has contributed greatly to bringing traffic to sites. It has brought approximately 50% traffic and worked only on mobile connections. It was automatically activated when the service was slow. The functionality of the feature did not get enabled on desktop or tablet devices.

Since Web Light also contributed to the ad industry, making Google ads work on a slower connection. The first place for it to get introduced was Indonesia. Then it was followed by India.

Now, in India, over 99% of mobile users have a 4G network which eradicates the need to have Google Light. This is why Google has disabled the option and it will not be available anymore.

Google Light has served its time and provided Google with some great years of service. It is time we say goodbye to the feature and let it retire in peace. The feature will be remembered in good spirits!

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