Google Introduces Play Store Purchase Requests So Kids Can Ask For Premium IAPs Without Payment

Google Play comes with plenty of software that’s designed keeping your Android devices in mind. And you may have noticed by now that there is a lot going on and there’s no shortage, terms of apps to choose from.

You’ll have free content galore and so many premium paid applications and things with optional IAPs where you wait for yourself to splurge.

As can be expected, Google is really waiting for a long time to make this workflow function in a smooth manner. And now, we’re getting more news on slight changes to how this whole ordeal works for various families. The introduction of this Play Store Purchase Requests is going to make it easy for families and especially kids to have their parents end up listening to them when it comes down to IAPs.

This news might be very new to you right now if you’re a member of the family group. But the Play Store currently has a system in existence that enables family managers to configure methods for shared payments at their homes. After a kid ends up buying apps or a pricey Roblox IAP, they are going to need to send out a request to their parent, and only then can a final decision be made.

So as can be seen, these purchase requests are a great way to represent a manner by which kids allow for the process to begin even if a certain family member is yet to define a shared method for payments. In the end, they receive approval requests that enable them to authorize approvals as a one-off endeavor using any method for payment that’s saved on their device.

We are not too sure why such an endeavor failed to exist in the past as it’s definitely a fallback in terms of the way people handle requests. But we are finally understanding how it works now.

Remember, old methods to make purchases did not give kids the chance to gain access to details like payments. But now, more queue support indicates that parents would be allowed to take a breather on occasion and not worry too much about going through detailed lists of future requests. Did we mention how it saves time too?

We don’t see how any of this can be rightly called a game-changer. But what we do see is how the decision is taken in a sensible manner.

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