Giphy Crowns Zendaya As The Top GIF For 2022

The popularity surrounding Zendaya is definitely a point worth pondering.

Recently, Giphy was quick to announce how the popular celeb was crowned as the top Gif for this year. She reportedly would now need to move these Emmy Awards that she got for her work on the famous HBO channel called Euphoria to make space for today’s new accolade which shouldn’t be taken lightly.


But others who were similarly honored included the likes of SpongeBob Square Pants with great emphasis on the Giphy Clip outlining the lead character’s great bond with Patrick Star. He was this year’s top Clip and was seen on the famous GIF discovery platform too.

Next, we saw Facebook reaching an agreement to take on the Giphy for a startling $315 million in May 2020. But that’s when the Competition and Markets Authority from the UK forced Meta to sell off Giphy in the month of October.

They felt the combination of these firms would go on to limit the choices linked to social media and even cause a dramatic fall in innovation when it came down to display advertising on a national level.

The methodology behind this entire list was then explained in detail via a blog post that arose on Tuesday. Giphy was seen chronicling top content on the site for a number of years. And since cultural trends may end up shifting with celebs changing with the passing of time, the list always turns out to be super emotional in that part of the world or in that particular year.

So data calculations for the most popular GIF began last year. There were plenty of metrics that needed to be calculated to consider the content reigning supreme in 2022. Moreover, a lot of the emphasis was even put upon the likes of daily searches.

As a whole, it paved the way for the most insightful content overviews that derived popularity through the likes of cultural and emotional spikes. This was in comparison to those terms constantly used when carrying out a search and hence it didn’t need to be trending.

With this method in the works, they’re super confident that it’s not only giving a diverse array of content but the best representation of GIFs that could be used in the year.

The company’s most viewed partner was the National Football League. On the other hand, the app’s Personality of the Year award went to Drew Barrymore.

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