Elon Musk Vows To Step Down As Twitter CEO After Finding A Replacement

There’s been plenty of talk in the tech world about a poll recently conducted by Elon Musk.

The poll asked Twitter users if they felt the billionaire should resign and give the position of the app’s CEO to someone else. And it’s interesting because he mentioned that whatever the majority decides, he’d end up listening because the ‘people have spoken’.

After nearly 17 million votes were cast, we saw a staggering majority agree that the Tesla CEO needed to resign and put someone else in charge. We’re not quite sure what Musk made of that news but it’s definitely a startling matter.

For a day, we saw the billionaire ignore the fact that he had created such a poll in the first place. On that note, one Twitter user made sure he was reminded and Musk had no choice but to respond. According to him, there was no one ready or willing to take up the position. Hence, he added that no names were in the pipeline and some were stunned.

Today, however, we’re seeing Elon Musk acknowledge for the first time these poll results that he created by himself on a Sunday night. He says that the only way he can resign from the CEO position of the platform is by finding someone that is willing and capable.

He added that no one was too foolish to take on such a leading role and he had to make sure the person in charge was actually willing to lift the app from the ground and lead it to success.

58% of voters cast their decision against Musk and they told him to step down immediately. But Musk says he is willing to stay true to his promise made to the world and will be handling just the software and servers for this app after he gets the right replacement.

There is still a lot of controversy in this poll as one internet entrepreneur pointed out that it was done to catch deep state bots. And on that, Musk commented, very interesting. He similarly entertained ideas of only permitting subscribers with Twitter Blue to take part in future polls as an added incentive for paying over those getting the app for free.
As Musk revealed, really getting someone that would be able to handle a leading social media platform like Twitter is not easy. Nevertheless, he’s still continuing with his search.

This is clearly not the first time that we’ve seen the Twitter Chief make use of polls for making important decisions. Former US President Donald Trump’s suspended account was also reinstated thanks to this poll where the majority felt like the decision was correct.

A similar poll was also brought forward to ask if suspended journalists that broke the app’s policy should be given a second chance or not. And the majority voted in favor of the decision and Musk bowed down to what the majority had to say.

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

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