Data Shows YouTube Deleted Over 5 Million Channels In Q3 Of 2022

We are sure this next piece of news is not going to be loved by many for obvious reasons.

Leading tech platform for video content, YouTube has gone on to delete nearly 5,820,978 channels during the third quarter of 2022.

As per YouTube Community Guidelines enforcement, this is definitely a record-breaking figure in terms of the number of channels that arose in the previous quarter.

Before this figure was reached, we saw the estimate for the number of channel terminations touched 4.8 million mark in Q3 2021. So as you can see, it really rose by a lot in Q3 of 2022.

The report further goes on to elaborate on how 92 percent (i.e. over 5.3 million) of such channels ended up being flagged as taking part in scams, misleading, or just spamming. 

On the other hand, nearly 193,700 channels were deleted because they went against the app’s policy and community guidelines by portraying content that was explicit. Similarly, a staggering 106,000 channels were deleted because they infringed on the app’s rules regarding child safety.

After that, we witnessed nearly 1% of creators having channels deleted on a permanent basis as they were highlighted to be taking part in the likes of harassment and even cyberbullying.

One other statement released from YouTube says that this high volume of deleted channels could be linked to actions taken to save the workforce and delete all sorts of in-office staffing in regard to COVID-19.
As you can see, Google’s video app is really focusing more on the likes of technology that would assist with the worth that’s typically taken on thanks to human reviewers. Hence, this means they’re deleting more content that could or couldn’t be in violation of the company’s own standards.

Whenever you witness a channel breaching the app’s community rules, at least three times in a period of three months, this subject ended up getting deleted. Moreover, one channel ends up getting discontinued due to a major offense like predator activity.

As far as which country led the pack in terms of video deletions taking place on YouTube, it was India. Here is where most recordings were deleted.

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