YouTube has added four new features for creators on its platform

Creator Insider is back again with a new video highlighting the four new changes being added by YouTube to its platform.

According to the posted video, the first update is that, from now on, video content creators on YouTube will be able to receive push alerts for super thanks through the Studio mobile application. Creators will receive notifications whenever a subscription is purchased by their viewers. The notification will contain all the information, including the amount in dollars of the gift along with the name of the buyer. However, this service will only work if the creator has turned on their comment notifications. If it's turned off, they won’t be notified.

The second discussion was on search insight, also known as the Research tab for desktop users. The main function of search insight is to assist content creators in analyzing the search relevancy of their viewers across all platforms, including their YouTube channel. These searches can be filtered by the creators for any content gaps present. This can help them modify the future strategy of their videos. Before this update, the Insight feature was available only in the English language and in limited regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and India. But now, the developers have decided to expand this feature by making it available for desktop users and allowing more languages on the platform, including Korean, Japanese, Hindi, and more.

Furthermore, YouTube is making a slight change to the navigation tab bar UI. The updated version will have a navigation bar below the channel profile. In this way, anyone visiting the profile will have access to complete information about the creator from all tabs, making store buttons more accessible to the users.

Lastly, the channel talked about the latest video posted by YouTube creators on creator music. Creator Music was announced on September 20 during an event. The main idea behind this feature is to allow creators to get a license for their songs directly from YouTube. Though the feature is only available in invite-only mode, it can be expected that changes will be made in the future. YouTube's creator gave more insight into this feature in their latest video.

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