Reddit Is Experimenting With Updates For Live Chat And Reddit Talks Among Others

Reddit has started to test out some needed additions that include a number of exciting features. This entails a new update for its Live Chat.

For those who may not be aware, it’s an offering that puts the actual number of Redditors taking part in a chat on display in real time. Moreover, the platform is now busy trying out a new feature called Happening Now.

It’s designed to display things like Live Chats and Reddit Talks present in subreddits by any user. Similarly, it puts popular conversations that are trending across the app on display here. Last but not least, we’re hearing about another new and upcoming feature worth a mention. It’s the ability for moderators to allow communities to share images from desktops or directly via their camera rolls into the section outlined for comments.

The platform says that if you have any existing safe-for-work subreddits then it can allow for the feature to come forward while any newly made SFW subreddits would turn it on through default means.

The fact that these are still in beta means it could be a while until we get them but we’ll keep you updated so stay tuned!

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