Where Should You Focus Your SEO Efforts In 2023? This New Report Has All The Insights You Need

We are just months away from the year ending and with 2023 around the corner, it makes sense as to why people are worried about the state of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the new year.

If you’re wondering where to focus your SEO efforts in 2023, then this new data report from Search Engine Journal is sure to provide you with insights on which strategies to adopt for success. So let’s take a look!

See, it’s so important to realize what the most happening events in this SEO industry have been in 2022 before we jump into what you should do for 2023. Similarly, how are the professionals of the industry going about the situation and how did they behave to factors like a change in consumer behavior patterns and amendments to technology?

A staggering 3,600 professionals were surveyed for the study and they gave out insights regarding their experiences in the past year and what people can expect in the near future.

More than 25% of those studied spoke about having two or even less experience than that in the Search Engine Optimization industry. These responses hint at how the demand for such professionals is large.

Places like the US, Australia, and Canada had SEO professionals take on some great career opportunities that would make them advance and enter the world of high-salary figures. And about 31% of them would have such little experience but would still end up earning a mega $75,000.

It’s a huge value but still a fall from those figures outlined in 2021. This might be due to the large influx of new professionals and how much growth SEO had in various global regions.

But for next year, people are really worried about getting the right type of talent on board. This coupled with issues like the ongoing recession and new policies arising from places like the US are more concerns worth a glance at. So as you can tell, it’s going to be a major challenge for those arising in the world of SEO and those seeking better job opportunities.

Most people surveyed spoke about the SEO activity that they spent the most time being involved in. And the results for the highest priority went to Technical SEO which led the pack, followed by SEO Strategy, Keyword Research, and then SEO done On-page. This might be related to Google putting certain factors on priority like stability, speed, and security.

In February of this year, we saw a new Page Experience update come forward and it really had been at the top of the list for several SEO experts.

Then a lot of companies were seen refocusing on things like technicalities after a mega growth in digital channels taking place in the past few years. This further leads us to the likes of great focus on researching and building strategies. So as marketers found it a struggle to keep up this year, SEO experts really took the time out to reflect on the need of the day and how to approach things in a more technical manner.

In case you needed a reminder, the world of SEO is not easy and it takes a while to really get a hang of things. So many stats and metrics are present that measure targets for campaigns and match things like tracking up performance.

After digging into the nitty gritty details of the report, you’ll notice how SEO experts were required to produce services that aren’t exactly aligned with the trend in the report. Top metrics were reserved for the likes of Keyword Rankings but it came third in terms of demands from employers.

Next up, qualified leads took up the fifth position and it was really tracked well. But the demand for this service from employers was high. They really wanted people to carry it out. And lastly, while pageviews arose as a number on the metrics list, the topmost requested feature had to be web traffic.

With such a huge number of people taking part in the study, we found it interesting that around one-fourth of them didn’t know what to say about their experience. They were not happy or unhappy in 2022. But previous records are showing how the last few years were quite challenging.

It’s starting to make a lot of sense why firms and Search Engine Optimization experts are having trouble examining results as the world keeps evolving and industries are similarly changing. And that’s where such metrics really count as you need to track them down very carefully.

Next year, it’s all about AI technology and machine developments and the great challenges that arise with them. So if you’re in this field, you need to focus more on GA4, removing third-party cookies, and Performance Max.

Similarly, advertisers will resort to these endeavors to help better their offerings as algorithms need to be better-paid attention to.

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