WhatsApp Is Rolling Out The Ability To Forward Videos, Images, And GIFs With Captions

Getting media files on WhatsApp is always a delight. Be it images, videos, or GIFs- you never know what to expect and hence, you end up opening them up immediately.

But did you ever feel that such media content would be better off with a caption? Well, if the answer is yes, this just might be your lucky day.

Say hello to WhatsApp rolling out new functionality that allows users to add captions to their media while forwarding them to others. For now, the feature is getting tested out for WhatsApp Desktop users but we don’t see why it can’t be introduced to the likes of WhatsApp smartphones too.

The news comes after we just saw the famous social media platform witness profile icons located on group chats. Hence, for now, it’s still under development but we love the sounds of it.

So what can we expect? Well, the rollout would entail a unique caption view that would pop up when forwarding pictures, documents, GIFs, and more with captions. With the new view in place, users get a better sense of what caption would come into place on the new message and when it gets forwarded as you can select if you’d like to remove it by dismissing it or not.

If for instance, you don’t see the feature available for you on WhatsApp, you could end up getting a future update so keep an eye out for that. The chance to follow media with captions was released to a few beta testers right after they installed the Desktop Beta for the WhatsApp update. And so we should see it launched in a few days.

It’s definitely unique and one that might be really useful too, judging by the preview provided by Wabetainfo recently.

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