Twitter’s Ex-Safety Heads Says The App Can’t Be A Free Speech Platform As It’s Governed By Apple And Google’s App Stores

Yoel Roth is the name of a man who has worked closely with Elon Musk’s side as the lead for trust and safety. Now that he’s resigned, he’s sharing a few important points on why he feels Twitter can’t be an app that is solely based on promoting free speech.

Speaking to the New York Times today, the article revealed how tech giants Apple and Google have literally begun controlling what the platform can and cannot allow on its site. And at the end of it all, it’s Twitter and Musk who are losing out big time thanks to all of this. He adds that this is a challenge for the Twitter app to break down barriers where two leading app stores are literally leaving the app feeling restricted. While Musk may have initially wanted an app that was free from moderation, it’s looking to be a little difficult now.

Roth also detailed how his role in the firm was lost at the point when Elon Musk took charge as now he would be the one trying to determine how moderation could be rejected or implemented. And that is why he thought it was best that he now called it quits.

For him, any organization that has a unilateral edict means there is little to no room for things like a division that heads trust and safety.

In the same way, he shed light on how so many local governments end up shaping the moderation rules for a company, and also how advertisers end up making a big difference to it all. But in this case, you can’t forget the likes of Google and Apple.

Twitter has been fairly quiet about how people end up using the firm’s mobile applications but the company’s annual report that dates back to the previous year says the release of new products ends up being dependent on and getting affected by operations working on the digital front. They’re the ones deciding the rules and even making sure they’re implemented. Hence, such processes could be hard at predicting, and then you’ve got some decisions that could harm a business as well.
Roth adds that when you don’t follow the likes of Google and Apple, you end up with a major crisis and that literally risks Twitter being expelled from the Google and Apple App Store. And then, the access granted to the Twitter app by these places gets fairly limited.

So both Google and Apple are holding immense power to alter the decisions that the app makes at the end of it all.

Reviewers are now speaking about how Twitter removal from these places could end up being a possibility if the matters aren’t resolved. Moreover, these are clear indications of what’s next for the company and how not having their presence across the Google and Apple App Store could actually become a reality.

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