Twitter Users Are Exploiting The App’s System To Make Verified And Fake Accounts

Twitter is giving access to the app’s verified badge via a new $8 Blue Subscription plan. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand how so many of the app’s users have already started to exploit the system to make verified and fake accounts.

The perfect example is linked to a user who thought it would be a cool idea to impersonate NBA star LeBron James via a verified account. He claimed that the sportsman was all set for a trade-off between the two leading NBA teams but that was just a lie.

Similarly, another scammer was seen posing as the app’s own official account across the app and it stated that users would now be able to buy their way to the famous Twitter Blue subscription with the likes of crypto. The tweets sent out by the scammer were then seen featuring a link that was related to the most malicious website.

Via: @GillianDN

On the other hand, another shocking account came forward that impersonated Donald Trump. He was banned from the app on January 6th in Washington DC. The impersonator acted like he was Trump and started to undermine the efforts of Elon Musk and his plan and how it doesn’t work.

But ever since then, Twitter has made it a point to shut down the impersonating accounts that may be verified but were actually fake. Let’s remember how it would not be hard for scammers and pranksters to keep on exploiting the system.

Despite such shocking claims, Twitter mentioned how it would not be scrutinizing accounts getting the blue ticks, and neither would it be undergoing reviews that ensure that a particular criterion is met.

Twitter is yet to respond to a particular request on the matter but Elon Musk did mention how the app is all set to take action against those trying to exploit it and those taking its verified ticks for granted.

Users may wish to take into consideration the fact that tweets they’re currently reading from a celeb might not be from whom they assume. And while the platform is trying hard to cut down on impersonators, it’s a major challenge ahead.

The new subscription is launching on Wednesday for users across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and even New Zealand. Now, it’s for those people with iOS devices and can be availed in the form of an in-app purchase.

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