Elon Musk Compliments Writer Stephen King In Recent Tweet Despite Him Bashing Musk For Being A Misfit For Twitter

Elon Musk is making heads turn in the world of tweeting and he’s taking the time out to mention more about Stephen King.

The news comes as the billionaire referred to King as one of the most talented and creative individuals on the planet. But remember, King does not seem to reciprocate similar thoughts about him.

Instead, the best-selling writer called him an absolute misfit for the Twitter company that has literally caused so much downfall. But wait, that’s not all. We have seen the duo feuding over mega issues like the new verification process.

When Musk first mentioned that the $20-a-month plan was in the works, the writer says he lost his cool. It was just a bizarre feeling. Now, the conversation tone has really taken a nosedive.

Elon Musk has been dubbed a visionary by the famous writer and also a man that changes the way people think. King says he adores how Musk alters the way people think about cars, thanks to his Tesla invention. How’s that for a 180-degree flip?

Yes, they might not be the best of friends but the constant tweets about one another are taking place now more than ever. Being called a misfit for a huge digital platform and then saying Musk makes up things as he goes along is so important to realize the significance between the lines. But it’s even more interesting to see Musk claim he welcomed the suggestions by the writer and was taking it all so positively.

Just one day later, Graham Allen says he spoke to Musk over the Twitter app to ignore all that negativity coming through King via a podcast. And on Sunday, another tweet came forward by Musk that stated how he just might not be agreeing with what King says, but he likes to hear it.

Musk is now going as far as inviting the author to pay a visit to Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco so they can sit down and have a chat.

One major controversy is definitely linked to the blue tick that popped up as Musk took up complete ownership of the firm. The prominence has arisen due to several fears that may end up driving huge names like Stephen King far off the platform while allowing for fake accounts that impersonate officials from the government, celebs, and even journalists.

A few other celebs like comedian Kathy Griffin were a part of those that tried to prove an important point by copying this billionaire We saw her profile receive the status of suspension.

In other news, former US President Trump had his account reinstated through a poll and then there is news about the rest of the accounts getting reinstated by next week.

For now, there is no definite news on if that’s going to happen or not, but we do know that Musk has great plans. For now, Twitter is not responding to any requests for comments.

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