TikTok Reorganizes Its Internal Workforce Over Concerns Of Political Affiliations

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the world’s top choices in terms of entertaining social media apps. The platform is doing well in terms of metrics and its popularity doesn’t seem to be in danger of a decline anytime soon.

But despite the pretty picture seen on the outside, the internal reality is far from perfect. Think along the lines of monetization and regulation challenges among others.

The app like so many others is working its way to the top despite the current economic downturn that it continues to face. The ad spending has declined in such a short span of time and then we’ve got job losses and a lot of restructuring taking place in the company as well. Now, there’s talk about an internal shift that is affected the app as recently confirmed by The Financial Times.

TikTok plans on seeing the firm’s general manager for the North American division be transferred and put in the lead of the American TikTok shop and the app’s eCommerce shop.

TikTok really wants to achieve success on its commerce front and with talented people like Hawkins in the lead, we don’t see how that can’t happen. Be it making bigger gains in terms of in-app shopping, commerce live-streams, and then a shift in terms of user behavior- the options are endless.

As it is, commerce is a pivotal part of the app’s Chinese variant called Douyin. This generates the greatest revenue from the likes of in-steam sales. And in case you didn’t know, Douyin has really managed to carve a niche within the market so well.

The western world hasn’t been too positive in terms of accepting online shopping when compared to the Asian markets. But TikTok is really pushing more on that front as it feels it can monetize big time through this venture.

In case you’re wondering, the app’s Pulse program which was its ad revenue share initiative didn’t go quite as planned. It really disappointed those creators who opted to take part.

And when you have a top app that can’t make leading stars of the platform happy then it could signal trouble. But that’s not the only concern on TikTok’s mind. The constant struggle of trying to fight off accusations that it tracks users' data while dismissing rumors that it shares information with Chinese authorities is in itself a major concern.
Remember the threat of a ban that once loomed over the platform by American lawmakers? Clearly, TikTok has a lot of worries on its plate. Meanwhile, a new report is sharing how the app’s systems have been suppressing all news related to the upcoming US midterm elections.

The report shed light on how so many videos that entailed influencers having election-related words weren’t viewed too frequently. In the past, TikTok was even accused of suppressing content that was anti-Chinese and only promoting pro-China content on the platform.

So now, we don’t know how the app is taking so much on and now crumbling because as you can tell, it’s not easy making everyone happy. But what is the winning solution for the app here? Is there anything it seems to be doing is getting criticized?

From all that we’ve seen so far, TikTok has a lot of challenges in front of it. It’s doing a great job in some areas but not so much in others. And with the ongoing geopolitical tensions between countries like China and the US, we know the pressure would be a lot right now to deal with for anyone and everyone out there.

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