TikTok Highlights Its Safety Tools Which Will Help Parents To Keep Their Child Away From Indecent And Unsafe Content On The App

TikTok is boasting its safety and privacy tools for teenagers who love using the app and parents will also have control over their activities. There were some concerns about the content teenagers were consuming on TikTok. TikTok's algorithms work this way and it just continued showing inappropriate and indecent content to teens. Due to this, TikTok received too many complaints and criticism, that's why it decided to introduce some safety features for users.

There are many concerns about the content shown on TikTok. It's not something teens should be watching and parents should keep an eye on what type of TikToks their teen is watching on the app. Many types of blackmailing tactics and scams also happen to teens and children who are not careful enough on the app.

At the Brand Safety Conference, TikTok announced that it has added handy privacy and safety tools to the app. Even if these features are for children, they are especially for parents to use. By using these tools, parents can control the activities of their teens on TikTok. They can see what their child is watching and will also be able to manage the screen time of their child.

An overview of these new tools shows that it includes family tools by which the guardian will be able to link their account to that of their child. This way their activity will be monitored. TikTok will also provide teens with privacy by default on the app. TikTok is also introducing Youth Resources on the app by which teens can learn about how to be safe on the app through Youth Portal. TikTok is currently working with many lead companies to promote safety and kindness on the app. Now we all have to wait and see how these new tools are going to help in keeping teens away from improper content on TikTok.

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