The Facebook Oversight committee gave some useful suggestions to Elon Musk

With Elon Musk taking over Twitter as its new owner, other social media platforms are keeping a close eye on Musk and his new policies.

After Musk became the new owner, he tweeted that Twitter will be getting its content moderation committee, just like the one announced by Mark Zuckerberg back in May 2020. During the recent Web Summit conference, two of Mark’s moderation council members claimed that their experience could help Musk with his new policies.

During the conference, the Vice President of Meta's Oversight Board, Dex Hunter, shared his views on Elon Musk's tweet. According to Dex, Musk has taken a wise step by understanding the current situation; however, such circumstances can’t be solved on his own.

Similarly, the former editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, who also became a member of the oversight committee, also praised Musk and said that he understood the situation more quickly than Meta’s founder. While Musk didn’t even take an entire year to form the moderation council, Mark Zuckerberg took sixteen long years after launching Facebook before he realized the need for such a group.

Alan further added that Elon Musk will be facing the same situation that Mark faced after he formed the council. Elon will also be questioned about the guidelines on which steps will be taken by the moderation council and how much confidence he has that all the decisions taken by the council will be unbiased and Musk won’t have any influence on their decision.

Dex, who has worked with Elon Musk, said that he is very difficult to predict. It won’t be a surprise if Musk decides to change the idea of a moderation board the very next day. Dex further said that such an initiative will speed up the policymaking process way faster than getting the government involved in it.

Dex believes that the decisions taken by these committees should be respected by the platform. In this case, Facebook went along with the board’s decision in almost 70 percent of the cases.

Following the public unrest observed after the Capitol riots, the board suggested that the ex-President, Donald Trump, should not be allowed to use Facebook the way he wants to; instead, his account should be kept restricted, as permanently removing him from the platform was against the policy rules.

When asked if the two committee members had any suggestions for the new owner of Twitter, Dex suggested that Elon Musk should begin his journey with a "not harm" policy; on the other hand, Alan suggested not getting into a fight with advertising brands and that laws should be followed.

Photo: @DexBarton / Twitter

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