If You Are Using Outdated Android And iOS Operating System, There Is A High Risk That Your Device Can Come Under Security Attacks

A new report shows that people in the US governmental institutes who are using outdated smartphones are under threat of identity theft, data leaks, and other cybercrimes. It is because outdated Android and iOS phones use old operating systems which are responsible for leaking the data of the users. The cyber security experts at LookOut presented a report based on 175 million applications on 200 million devices which proved the US Government doesn't pay much attention to mobile phone updates. This is the reason why people are using the old versions of their phones and their data is exposed to security threats.

5% of government employees and 30% of local government employees are still using the old operating system of the iPhone after the new iPhone 15 is released. However, iOS isn't as risky as Android. It is because IOS keeps on updating its operating system but Android phones cannot be updated to new versions of the operating system.

When you use outdated versions of the phone, they are seriously exposed to cyber-attacks because the attackers get to know about the defects in the old version. They also get to know all your personal information on the phone. This way they also try to surpass all the security features on your phone and spread malware into it. If you are using an outdated version for a long time, all the security features on the phone stop functioning and the threat actors can easily retrieve all the information from your phone.

About 11% of the federal employees in the US are using outdated versions of Android phones which are no longer supported by Google. Android 7 and Android 8 are not up to date with Google's new operating systems but people are still using them. Even though not updating to a newer version doesn't make any difference in the functioning of your phone, it is the biggest reason for different security and malware threats on your device. US government employees are most vulnerable while using outdated operating systems because this way important information can get leaked.

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