Telecom Operators In the EU Are Trying To Present A Law Which Will Make Tech Giants Work With Them

Telecom operators in Europe are asking the European Union to implement new laws about Big Tech. Their request is to make Big Tech pay network costs in Europe. Telecom operators are inspired by Australian law about this matter and want to do the same in Europe. More than 750 mobile operators formed a group known as GSMA which is lobbying for this law. GSMA is talking to Big Tech to contribute to the infrastructure of Europe. Many tech firms in the US like Alphabet's Google, Meta's Facebook, Netflix, etc. should make a financial contribution in Europe because they are giant firms that bring a lot of traffic in Europe, said Telecom Operators.

GSMA's chief regulatory officer said that GSMA will send a letter to the European Union's industry chief in the upcoming weeks. Even though they told big firms about their plans none of them(Google, Facebook, and Netflix) have responded to their comments. Recently Australia also set some rules with big tech companies. The rules implemented that big tech companies will pay for online news content and if no one can find common ground for copyright, the Australian government will set some fee for them.

This will be carried out under Australia's final-offer arbitration and if no deal is struck between them, then both parties have to do arbitrage. Their goal is to make those tech giants make a deal before going on to the next procedure. GSMA plans on going around this route for making tech giants sign their deals. No formal document has been sent to them and everything going around is just verbal for now. The chief of GSMA says that telecom operators are looking for feedback from both sides before going on with a proper procedure. They will then present legislation for their deal

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