Marketers having a hard time meeting customer demands

According to a new report, marketers are having trouble meeting the needs of their customers while also managing substantial budgets and employee salaries.

Marketers say that they are finding it hard to maintain a happy relationship with consumers. The reason behind the bleak services has also been revealed.

The 2022 report shared by Salesforce state of marketing has highlighted the overall performance of the marketers in this year. All the challenges they have faced while dealing with customers’ problems. The report also provides a guide to marketers for future endeavors to deal with marketing plans and remove third-party cookies.

The complete analysis of the report is collected through a survey run in more than 35 countries involving 6,000 marketers to take part in it. Moreover, others have recorded their responses through the Salesforce platform. The reason we find behind these reports are as follows:

According to the report, 71% of marketers said that they were unable to meet customers’ demands. It has become nearly impossible to meet their customer expectations.

Whereas 83% are keen to defend themselves and said that they are doing everything in their power to fulfill the consumer’s wishes. The lack of not meeting their demands is not because marketers are not putting effort into their work.

Furthermore, marketers claim to have many resources to fulfill customer demand. In 2021, 10 sources were there to help the consumer out. In 2022, the number grew to 15, and it is expected to increase even more in the coming year to 18 sources.

If that’s the case, then what is the reason behind not meeting customers’ demands? Well, one is marketers don’t possess enough tools to make better use of these resources, hence all these resources go in vain. Additionally, 33% of marketers say that the budget is a huge problem these days. Especially in these sectors: Life sciences, manufacturing, and technology.

Many employees have handed over their resignations as well because the company failed to pay them according to their worth. Moreover, the budget is extremely tight, and they have to jump on the lay-off bandwagon. In between all of this chaos, Marketers claim to have given much better results than last year and aim to make use of better tools for future conveniences.

In 2023, Marketers pledge to use better tools and technology as well as try to come up with better marketing strategies from which they can benefit consumers in a much better way. According to 68% of marketers, they said to achieve their goals; they need to shift their focus from first-party and zero-party data.

Simultaneously, marketers are planning to use modernized tools and technologies. To connect more with people, they have decided to put more effort into television and podcasts. Through these marketing strategies, they might be able to overcome the lack of meeting consumers’ demands. The best way to connect with people is to state the value of the product clearly. 88% of customers said that they would most likely be attracted towards a product if the description is clear.

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