Now You Can Watch The Videos On Google's Search Results By Expanding Them

When you search for a video on Google, the videos which appear in the result are opened in the app where that video is hosted. Now you can expand the video on Google search results by clicking on the arrows at the top corner of the video. When you enlarge the video, you will be able to watch the video along with the details about it. This is something new for the users because, before this update, they had to go to that video's streaming platform to watch the full video. Now it has become easier for users to watch the video in one go without going to another app or site.

Previously you could still see the portion of the video you had searched for. You could still watch the video but you had to be directed to YouTube or another video website to watch the full video.

This new feature is advantageous to people who want to watch a video on Google Search. You can expand the video on Google search results by clicking on the arrow at the top right corner of the video. Some people are guessing that this update is on testing right now and Google hasn't said anything about this update. One thing is sure that if people like this update, Google can make it permanent. Google has done this type of video expanding update many times and every time no one had any issue with it. It seems like Google is just trying out different ways by which the video can expand on the search page.

Now we all have to wait and see if this update is here to stay or if it's going to be replaced with something different. This video-expanding update is a good addition to Google and Google should try to make it permanent so it can become beneficial for people.

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