New Report By Google Says Nearly 60% Of The Internet Features Duplicate Content

We happen to live in a very unique world today. And as days go by, we’re seeing more shocking stances coming forward in the world of tech.

A recently published report by Google has gone on to highlight how duplicate content is slowly but surely turning into a major concern for obvious reasons. A while ago, Google’s Gary Illyes posted the slide at the Google Search Central Live in Singapore the other day.

This particular slide was grabbed from a tweet that was shared by Kenichi Suzuki who happened to be at the same event where such a shocking disclosure was put forward. Many began to even wonder what search engine giant Google felt was duplicated.

Some questioned if it means 100% replica or an exact match for the content, a similar match, a similar topic, HTML, or perhaps, something else. Remember, the possibilities are limitless.

The search engine giant has mentioned how there is an abundant amount of information and hence, it has got so many options on what to rank and what not to. The mega 60% figure goes on to show how Google has so much to choose from. Hence, you really need to put out something that’s unique and helpful as compared to what’s located on the web today.

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