New EU Report Proves Twitter Is Deleting Less Hate Speech And Taking Long For Reviews

Twitter is on a mission to eliminate hate speech and is also taking a much longer time for reviews as confirmed by a recent report by the EU that tallied various social media firms.

The data went on to mention how the famous social media platform had gone about reviewing nearly half of the reports that it received about the subject of hate speech performed illegally within a one-day timespan. This was in comparison to a striking 82% witnessed during last year’s research.

This occurred in a six-week long period in the months of April and May, just a few months before the takeover conducted by Elon Musk.

Moreover, the number of posts that had been removed also fell, falling a staggering 5% to 46%.

The data seen on Thursday is actually the seventh report that the EU published of its study of analyzing which social media apps comply with various laws regarding disinformation.

This sent a staggering 3600 notifications involving hate speech to around six different firms that included the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and even Facebook. While Meta’s Facebook had about 1560 hate speech figures, Twitter came in second with nearly 1000 reports linked to hate speech.

Ever since Elon Musk adapted the platform, Twitter has witnessed so many impersonations of accounts thanks to his disastrous $8 Blue Subscription plan that’s currently being put on hold.

As mentioned by the Washington Post, there was an increase in the usage of terms having the N-word and that really surged by a staggering 500% in just 12 hours after Elon Musk’s acquisition deal getting completed.

On that very same day, we saw the EU publish more data about how it was now closing the doors on its Brussels office. The news came as the EU opted to put forward some stringent rules and regulations regarding content moderation on Twitter.

In this office, there were no employees as Musk had fired all before except for two who now ended up resigning after this call made by him. A midnight ultimatum went added to all staff members and they were told to add more hours to their working schedule or even attain three months for severance.

So many different applications like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube were seen reviewing fewer reports for hate speech within the 24-hour period at the year’s start. But it was only one social media app that rose above all others in terms of improvement. No guesses here as it was TikTok.

But it was actually YouTube that ended up being the only app to remove dramatically improve the rates at which hate speech was taking place, going from 59% to 91%.

The VP for the EU’s values and transparency division called out the news as extremely worrying to see such a downward spiraling ordeal in terms of review notifications linked to hate speech. She hoped apps were living up to their promises set out in terms of dedicating time and manpower to improve the situation in a digital age.

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