Meta Rolls Out New WhatsApp Search Feature That Enables Users To Look For Desired Businesses Easily

Meta has launched a new search feature on WhatsApp that allows users to search for desired businesses on the app. This is designed to add more organization, the company confirmed.

Similarly, the tech giant spoke about incorporating a new feature that allows users to search for a business by adding the name and then making payments in a more secure method.

It’s only been days since we saw the launch of several features that includes 32-member video chat features and a WhatsApp community that puts together group change under one banner.

In August, we saw the app’s shopping experience kickstart in India and that would be end-to-end encrypted and gave access to JioMart’s entire product catalog.

The idea of shopping would soon be expanded and Meta’s recent announcement means allowing users to search for businesses on the app through tabs like banking and then travel. In the same way, they can even search for a certain brand by looking up the name.

As mentioned by the corporation, this protects the privacy of so many people while they’re looking for a business as the search result can’t be linked back to a certain account. Meta in the same way says that newly added businesses on the platform entail those selling groceries, tickets for trains, details for bank account opening, and more.

In its recently published statement, Meta says that they wish to allow for secure payments through credit and debit cards and they’ve recently begun this in India. In the same way, there is a great game changer for those on the search to buy and sell things through the WhatsApp platform.

For now, those people in countries like Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia can avail of the features on the platform soon.

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