Meta Is Shutting Down Its Portal Smart Display Business And Winding Up Its Smartwatches

In 2018, Meta launched portal devices with the aim to provide fast access to services like video calling, Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, and its smart camera among others. But it didn’t take the firm long to realize that things needed a few amendments as they weren’t going as planned.

On that note, Meta opted to reposition its Portal devices into the world of enterprise hardware instead of making it something that was for its everyday consumers.

And now, five months later, we’re hearing more news about how it has decided to shut the venture altogether.

A new report from Reuters stated how the tech giant made the decision to shut its Portal smart business and wind up the smartwatch venture too. The news certainly comes at a time that’s unique as the company is on a firing spree.

The decision would be affecting the corporation's 11,000 employees and that’s almost 13% of the workforce. Moreover, when we look at this layoff and the current uncertainty in the world’s economy, we aren’t really shocked to see the company cutting back expenses and leaving aside products that aren’t bringing out a lot of profit.

As it is, CEO Zuckerberg claims that the firm would be putting its due focus on areas that are bringing the most profits while shunning all others. This includes more significance given to the metaverse, its advertising platform, and also the company’s discovery business.

By now, it’s quite clear that so many portal devices didn’t quite prove to be too profitable and hence failed to make the cut to stay back. And the same goes for the company’s smartwatch. While we don’t know too many details about this particular wearable by Meta, we are bound to see very few details in the future too as the company closes the door on this venture.

A similar report was dated back to the month of June and that’s when it all made sense that such reports were indeed true.

Photo: REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann

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