Instagram Allows Users To Add Music To Still Image Posts

Instagram is providing users with another great chance to incorporate music into the whole in-app experience.

So that means, you can include music to still image posts, something that not many people saw coming.

The news was recently published by the company which mentioned how much it values music and how popular of a feature it is for users of the platform. People get the chance to express so much of themselves through this medium and they couldn’t be more excited to include this ability in the images on users’ Feeds. It’s like a better way to tell your story with expressions like music.

As it is, both Reels and Stories give users the chance to include tunes that best suit the picture’s mood or theme. And no matter what format works best in terms of telling a story, users get the chance to add music to their favorite picture moment and bring it to life again.

Before posting up an image, users can ‘Add Music’ into the post composer. You get the chance to search for various tracks that can be accompanied by a picture post. Any segment can be chosen between the 5 to the 90-second duration for the track to use. It just provides a lot of additional content and new elements to the post in general.

Some people might feel this isn’t too necessary while others could get the feeling that it’s in line with what TikTok is gaining great success from via music integration. Remember, tunes are great for content engagement and it just adds a whole new element of creativity to the post on the app.

And then another school of thought says that this is just a still picture. Does it really need a tune? Would it really add more value to the post at hand or not?

For now, we feel Instagram has definitely thought about the ordeal and hence opted to go with it. It’s definitely a feature that could be a part of so many tools and features in the pipeline. As the app mentioned, it features so many music tracks for both Reels and Stories. Hence, including something similar for images might not be a huge development.

As far as brands are concerned, we think it might be a limited feature. Similar to the way you were being restricted from using certain tunes on Reels or Stories, they’ll now be restricted further for licensed tracks through the company’s Sound Collection for image and audio accompaniments.

Now that might not be too bad and there could be different ways to get audiences engaged but here’s a fresh start. And we feel it might be too quick to judge.

In the past year, we’ve seen the app include so many types of sounds that make up engaging posts and that align with various usage behaviors. From various AR effects to music shares on your DMs, the app loves to experiment.

Soon, we could even see songs seen across user profiles make their way.

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