Faster iPhone 15 Pro: The Only Beneficiary of USB-C Speed Increase, Analyst Says

The new iPhone 15 or 15 Plus would be the only beneficiary of the speed increase brought about by the USB-C standard because the speculation states that Pro phones would even receive the new connector but will only be able to transfer data at USB 2.0 speeds.

Apple is planning to release a new iPhone 15 Pro in 2023, which will be the exclusive beneficiary of the company's decision to a significant advancement in their wired transfer speeds with the movement to increase the speed of its USB-C adaptors, a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says. However, he doesn't accept that feature will be available for ordinary iPhones in 2023. He thought it was for 15 and 15 Plus.

The iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max will reportedly have a tool, a USB-C connector that can transmit data at up to 20Gbps, doubling the speed of the existing generation of iPhones. The other new iOS, including the classic iPhone 15, is said to attach with the existing 10Gbps USB-C prototype.

The critic said; that the speed boost will be most noticeable when sharing large files, such as a 4K video shoot.

The report notes that the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max already hold up USB 4.0, which offers a maximum throughput of 40Gbps. However, the report argues that the 15 Pro will be the only iPhone to take advantage of the speed gain to USB-C, as it will be the iPhone with a USB-C port.

The quicker USB-C connector will allow the iPhone to grab the advantage of the increased data speeds available on the latest generation of 5G networks. It will also allow the phone to be competent to charge faster when connected to a compatible charger.

Per report goes on to say, the iPhone 15 Pro will also support the new standard of Thunderbolt, which offers a maximum throughput of 40Gbps.

It is momentum, but it often leads to other benefits for Apple's device lineup as a whole. These performance gains usually come to market before features or even specifications of other companies' offerings. Better than ever, it appears that Apple is creating a distance between its lineup, and the competition. As such, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely, yet again, be the best beneficiary of a USB-C speed increase.

Faster wired speeds sense the sort of function that pros would value, and Apple has always been looking for ways to discriminate. This is particularly relevant considering the basic iPhones are still unable to sustain progressive content production tools like Hd video or uncompressed photographs.

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