Elon Musk Personally Calls Advertising CEOs To Complain As Twitter’s New User Signups Reach All-Time High

Elon Musk personally called up the CEOs of advertising firms that refused to work with the digital platform.

According to recent tweets put forward by Musk, he is not happy with the decision that Twitter is losing out big time on revenue through such means. After all, the platform really earns the most through this feature, and although it did plan on introducing paid subscriptions to make up for the loss, that did not go as planned.

To express his thoughts on the matter, we know that Musk has made a series of phone calls to CEOs in charge of such firms. So many people pulled out ad spending and these are leading brands that are no longer interested in keeping a working relationship with a platform that is headed by the billionaire.

But if you think the move would have worked, well, that did not happen. It actually backfired and more than half of the advertisers are making shocking decisions to leave and have even issued direct warnings from buyers in the media.

Many companies feel that no dialogue has been taking place recently and it’s just a constant reminder that there is no one to talk to about this in the company as most individuals that handled such dealings have either been fired or resigned.

On the other hand, we saw Elon Musk blame different civil rights organizations for sabotaging the app and starving it of revenue. But they refuted the claims and stated that whatever is taking place is due to the actions of Musk himself and no one else.

The news comes as the president of the Civil Rights Organization stated that all advertisers dealing with Twitter should pause immediately as others slammed the billionaire for his ridiculous and garbage polls.

It’s quite interesting to see all of this take center stage at this moment. Remember, just one month since Musk took over, new stats were published from the platform that showed how the number of new signups was at an all-time high.

For the past week, the app was seen adding nearly two million people each day. And that’s a staggering figure. Moreover, Musk says it’s a grand 66% rise from before.

On the other hand, we had Musk speak about how Twitter’s active minutes for the user base were also showing promising progress. On average, around 8 billion active minutes had been recorded each day since the past week. This is another 30% rise from figures observed during the same time last year.

But some critics and experts are wondering how accurate the statistics from Musk are and if he can even be relied on in the first place. And while such details can be insightful to some, others are living on the thought that there is yet to be any information disclosed publicly about Twitter’s financial progress.

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