Data shows gift guide articles taking over inflation-related articles

According to the latest data analysis report, despite the ongoing economic crisis in the United States, consumers are still planning to spend big for the upcoming holidays.

The New York-based web advertising company Taboola has been observing user search data. The findings show that users or consumers are no longer reading about the current economic situation and are interested in learning more about the packages and discounts being offered for the holiday season. Based on the shifting trend, it is expected that consumers are gearing themselves to take advantage of these opportunities.

The e-commerce network Taboola, or Skinlinks, has been collecting this data and revealed that views on articles based on gifts and guides for gifts have gone up by over 150 percent in comparison to the views received by blogs written on economic conditions, which have gone down by 150 percent. Furthermore, sites that talk about discounts and other such offers experienced a growth of thirty-two percent.

Over the last forty-five days, the audience for articles based on Small Business Saturday went up by 6438 percent, whereas the upcoming Cyber Monday and the ongoing Black Friday-based blogs managed to increase their views by 1251 percent and 1065 percent, respectively.

Taboola didn’t just observe the rise in views; it also collected data based on consumer preferences. The report shows that buyers are more likely to be interested in tech-related items or clothing.

The famous Canadian apparel company, Lululemon, is at the top with the most readers. Other clothing items, such as sports bras and leggings, are also being eyed by the audience. Smart televisions that host video streaming applications have already done well back in October and are again in the talks for the holiday season.

Based on the findings, the research company believes that upcoming holiday shopping will be dominated by clothing brands offering athletic clothing. Other items, such as kitchen appliances, already saw a rise of fifteen percent in October.

Black Friday started on November 25th, and Cyber Monday is all set to start on November 28th. The analytical data has already predicted that consumers are planning to spend big despite the current economic situation in the country.

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