Americans Now Spend Most of Their Lives Alone According to New Report

The people that we choose to spend our time with can change over the course of our lives, but some recent reports are indicating that Americans are living lonelier lives than ever before with all things having been considered and taken into account. Adults who are in their mid twenties spend around 4.5 hours a day alone, followed by just under 3.5 hours with their coworkers and a little over 2 hours with their partners.

Adults in their mid thirties appear to have different priorities. People in the US who are in this age bracket still spend a lot of their time alone at around 263 minutes, but instead of coworkers taking up the second spot this position is taken by time spent with their children. People in this age bracket spend over 4 hours with their children, and they also spend more time with their partners with over 3 hours instead of just 2.

Entering old age tends to make alone time skyrocket because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up isolating you from coworkers when you retire and distancing you from children who go off to live their own lives. People in their mid forties spend over 5 hours a day alone, and this increases to almost 8 hours spent alone by the time they enter their mid 70s. People in their mid 40s spend just under 200 minutes a day with their kids, but in spite of the fact that this is the case children drop out of the equation entirely by the time they enter their mid 50s.

People who are 55 and older spend the majority of their time alone, followed by a decent chunk of time that they spend with their partners. This number is around 3 hours for 55 year olds, 4 hours for 65 year olds and 4.5 hours for 75 year olds. Interestingly, time spent with coworkers increases for 55 year olds, likely due to the absence of their children who have become adults who have their own jobs and responsibilities.

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